Noks Nauta (photo: Gijs de Kruijf)

My name is Dr Noks Nauta. I write books and articles, give lectures and run workshops on the topics of healthcare, innovation and gifted adults. My background is in occupational medicine and industrial and organizational psychology. I live and work in the Netherlands.

Improving healthcare

In my work as an occupational health physician in various roles between 1978 and 2011, I became interested in the collaboration – or lack of it – between healthcare professionals from different disciplines. After completing my master’s degree in psychology, I decided to conduct research on the collaboration between occupational health physicians and family practitioners. This became the subject of my PhD thesis. In 2014 I co-edited a book on collaboration in healthcare (in Dutch). I currently offer workshops and training sessions for healthcare professionals to help them to work together for the benefit of the patient.


Creative people often have good ideas, but they do not always know how to put them into practice. Who should I talk to? Where do I start? Together with Jelle Kok, I have developed a method called ‘The Innovation Brewery’ to help creative people to find answers to these questions. We also wrote a book about this method (in Dutch). Currently I offer workshops for individuals with good ideas on how to realise them, and for companies who want to make better use of their employees’ innovative ideas.

Gifted adults

Being intelligent can be fun as long as you and your talents are free to flourish. Unfortunately this is not always the case for gifted people. For years I have actively worked towards making the world a better place for gifted adults. Most of my work for gifted adults takes place at the Dutch organization IHBV (Institute for Gifted Adults). Some of the books and articles I wrote on this topic have been translated into English:

My book in English is Gifted Workers

You can find my articles in English on and Researchgate.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to work with me. You can contact me by email: info[at]